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Suitors A Fall to Rise


Princess Sia, an expert horsewoman and avid reader of romance and fairy tales, dreams of being anywhere but her mountain kingdom of Mendia. She is more then aware the cost of her privileges and luxury is her freedom. One of her few guilty pleasures is the stories and gifts from far away places her childhood friend, Prince Harold brings her from his travels through the other Five Kingdoms. Now an arranged marriage with a foreign prince looms in her near future. But even this will not allow her to leave Mendia. Her only hope is once she marries, she’ll have the power to actually make a difference for her people.

Prince Cameron is not what any one expected. And SHE knows it. Cameron was born a girl, but because it was impossible for her mother to bear any more children, and succession is achieved only through the male lines in Ostiamare, she has been raised and groomed since birth to be the perfect prince. An expert duelist, a strategist, and scholar with a slight roguish charm to her graceful demeanor.  Their political marriage appears to be everything that Sia could ever hope for, but Prince Cameron's secret could destroy everything.

Their romance unwittingly sets in motion fierce rivalries, political intrigue, and true adventure. Complete with legends come to life, magic, demons, assassins, and epic battles. Will Sia’s and Cameron' real life fairy tale end happily ever after or in tragedy?


Suitors is the joint brain child of husband and wife team Jennifer MaeLynn Riddle and Ryan Ross. The characters, world and story started humbly but quickly took on a life of their own, becoming something bigger and grander. Jennifer never felt a simple comic or graphic novel would suit the growing project however. During the early days of White Noise Graphics, it was Ryan who suggested making Suitors a Visual Novel. It was exciting to discover that the Visual Novel market in America had many American made titles that continued to adhere to the traditional Japanese roots, right down to exclusively Japanese voice acting in notable cases. This was the perfect chance to confront a problem constantly faced by the Alaskan author and artist community. Explorative and contemporary artists are forced to narrow their sights by local markets who only want to sell art featuring Alaskan themes like moose and bears to tourists. This is a harsh environment to grow in, especially for an artist influenced by commercial art, graphic design, Cubism, or ACG culture. Jennifer saw this as her chance to break that confining mold.

Suitors - a Fall to Rise, is the first installment in a series of fantasy romance visual novels made by an Alaskan artist or artists. However, there will be no moose or other ‘traditionally Alaskan’ symbols and motifs. Suitors is a fantasy romance that challenges tradition in concept and story, and not just the traditional themes of Alaskan art. In doing so, it is the hopes of Jennifer and White Noise Graphics, that Suitors will help put Alaska on the map amongst the ACG community.


MaeLynn Riddle

Founder & Artist

At the  age of six, her family moved to Alaska and she has been there ever since. Introduced often as the "Odd Duck", she strongly believes that "there is a little piece of me in everything I do." 

Ryan Ross

General Manager

& Marketing

A Texan born and raised in Taiwan, he moved to Alaska in 2012, making it his third home. An aggressive go getter who also dreams of putting both Alaska and White Noise on the map.

Editors & Beta Testers

The People That Help the Magic Happen

K.T. Munson is a a local Alaskan Author assisting with both Editing and Beta Testing. Justin Rasile is a family friend assisting with Beta Testing.

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