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Suitors A Fall to Rise


Sia Profile Color Web.jpg

Princess Sierra Bancroft

Age: 18

Birthday: February 4th

Sign: Aquarius

Flower: Dandilion

Blood Type: AB

The only child of the King and Queen of Mendia and last of the Bancroft line. Sierra prefers to be called just Sia and has a tendency to find nicknames for almost everyone she meets. She is extremely intelligent and book learned with a photographic memory, but she lacks in practical experiences. Despite being a princess, her parents actually did not spoil her, instead instilling a sense of satisfaction in hard work well done. However Sia has always felt like a bird caught in a guided cage. As a result she can be passive aggressive and comes across as aloof and a bit of a brat at times. She is actually extremely warm hearted, fiercely loyal, and longs for adventure and romance.  

Sia is an expert equestrian and adores fairy tales. She has an extensive collection of maps and some training in herbs and medicines.

Kammy Profile Color Web.jpg

Prince Cameron Fantine

Age: 20

Birthday: May 24th

Sign: Gemini

Flower: Fireweed

Blood Type: B

Crown prince of Ostiamare, and only child of the Fantine family. Cameron was born a girl, but because it was impossible for their mother to bear any more children, and succession is achieved only through the male lines in Ostiamare, they have been raised as a boy since birth, their true gender a closely guarded secret. Constantly training ten times harder then any man, Cameron is incredibly accomplished for some one so young. Cameron was a professional duelist by fifteen, enlisted in the army by seventeen, and had earned the rank of general by nineteen. In addition, they have successfully matched wits with their power mad cousins on many occasions, successfully thwarting several attempted coupes. Outwardly, Cameron radiates confidence and charm and can sometimes come across as a bit intimidating. Much of it is an act however and they are really quiet shy and a bit awkward once one gets to know them.

Cameron studies romance novels the way one studies text books in order to be the ideal prince.

Prince Harold Wallace

Harold Profile Color Web.jpg

Age: 22
Birthday: November 24th
Sign: Sagittarius
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Blood Type: A

Harold is the Prince Regent for Dail. All the men of the Wallace family are raised to be knights starting at age seven. As such, Harold is, and always will be, a knight before a prince at heart. He had no objections when his younger brother was chosen as the crown heir. He did object when he was made Prince Regent until his brother came of age. He solved the problem by bringing together a group of advisors to help him rule. Together they have single handedly made Dail the most progressive and modern of the Five Kingdoms. Having such a competent parliament to assist him, it has allowed Harold a lot of free time to travel the Five Kingdoms, constantly bringing back new ideas. Harold himself is the perfect knight; courteous, brave, and honorable. Unfortunately, his love of all things beautiful, and his fascination with the fairer sex, can make him come across as vain and flirtatious at times.

As a child, Harold spent a lot of time in Mendia learning horsemanship. He is a close friend of Princess Sia.


Maggie Profile Color Web.jpg
Maggie Promo Image.png

Lady Linda Magdalene

Age: 24
Birthday: December 28th
Sign: Capricorn
Flower: Hollyhock
Blood Type: O

The bastard child of the previous King of Ostiamare, Magdalene has not had an easy life. Technically this makes her Prince Cameron’s Great Aunt even though there is not a lot of age difference between them. Magdalene’s mother was also killed while Magdalene was still young. Magdalene is extremely intelligent and an expert strategist. Like most of the younger Ostiamare   royals, she is an expert duelist, specializing in the use of duel blades, and has spent some time in the military. Unlike Prince Cameron’s power mad cousins, Magdalene has never attempted a direct assault on the current heirs to the throne and has in fact assisted in thwarting their plans on more then one occasion. However that does not mean she is above manipulating things from the shadows, using wit and charm as well as skill to achieve her goals.

Magdalene is a bit of an art connoisseur with an appreciation for anything beautiful and strong. She has also been known to dabble in painting and sculpture in her free time.


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